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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

funny, even after retreat!

So all the projects that I had to take retreat?
Here's what I got done - (wedding gift quilt progress)
a boatload, 128 quarter-square triangles
the second boatload, 96 half-square triangles
and some of the above blocks made into these:
about half of the needed star blocks
I still need to strip-piece the 9-patch blocks that go between these stars. I think there are just over 30 of those.  Should be pedal to the metal since the strips are all cut.  (insert laughing soundtrack here :)

And why do I think I can get through 10 project finishes when
I didn't even get one done during retreat??

Yep, I'm definitely funny!

Now, off to make the rolls for tomorrow's family dinner. The turkey is roasting, the potatoes are washed, ready to peel and boil, and the tables are ready to be set.
I love this time of year!

Are you ready for the upcoming season?

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  1. so funny! as my friend always says - we can sew at home, let's enjoy our time together.


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