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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

precursory sunset?

It's Tuesday - Veterans' Day.  I want to thank the Veterans for helping make this another beautiful day.
May we never forget the price paid for our freedom here in the United States.

The last couple of early evenings I've been stitching away, 
busy finishing a quilt for a customer,
the evening news on in the background.
Last night, I glanced out toward the back forty - westward,
and this is what I saw:
I snapped the picture, as the weather forecast came on in the background.
The weatherman said the "V" word!!!: "VORTEX". 
Then he backed it up by saying:  
"There's a big snow/cold event coming this way".
Guess that beautiful view was the calm before the storm. 

I'm glad I'll have the customer's quilt 
to bind (and snuggle under) when said storm arrives!

Happy Tuesday and
Happy Stitching to you,

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