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Thursday, November 6, 2014

star buttons American Revolution Flags

I finished the blocks that I THOUGHT were the October assignment
from the sew-along on Flags of the American Revolution (a Jan Patek book).
I missed one and stitched a different one.
Does this mean that I'm behind and ahead of myself? :)
Sounds like I'm going in circles, doesn't it?

Anyway, behind/ahead aside,
like others doing this stitch-along,
I've wondered what to do for the star buttons on some of the flags.
The book/pattern is five years old, and the recommended buttons source is no longer available.

I need 13 blue star buttons for one flag, 
and for two of the flags, I need 13 buttons each...
26 star buttons in vintage-looking cream.
I haven't found the blue buttons as of yet,
but I did I find some buttons that are bright white 
(quilt-shop: Dill Button Co., 15mm).
I'm not a bright white type of quilt gal.
But, I figured I could somehow 'antique' these white stars...
 I tried black shoe polish - 
 yeah, that just waxed them and the black came off.
I tried the product Distress It - 
that just stained my fingers and nails, not the star.
I tried tea - too weak for dying, but tasty!
Then I had an eureka moment.
Coffee! Steaming hot and very, very, very strong coffee!
left-black polish; center-distress; right-coffee sludge.
I dropped the star in the coffee sludge and left it until the thick brew cooled.  Laid the star on toweling to dry, and WA-la!

I think I like i!
In the pictures, it's subtle.  
But not stark, bright white anymore.
Just what I was hoping for!
You can visit more folks' work on 
the Flags of the American Revolution
by stopping by Lori's blog: Humble Quilts.
There are some great looking flags and fabrics and work!

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  1. The coffee a good solution. I prefer buttons that aren't stark white. I used wool instead of buttons on my flag blocks.


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