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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Baby quilt meandering, and a party without rain!

Last week, I got to meander over
a baby quilt that Louise made for another
great-grand baby:
Such cuteness!
Here's a closer picture of the fabrics, 
her perfect piecing, and my quilting:

On another note, 
the party I spoke of...
that's what the grandkiddos called the
local village's Independence Parade on the 4th-

'It was a great party!  And it didn't rain.'
(You know it's been raining too much, 
when even the little kids mention that it wasn't another wet day!)

'Where did that tractor go?'
I say it was a great party, too!  
A great salute to America.  
And the rain did clear - for TWO days!

We are back to another seven days 
of forecasted showers and storms.  
I feel sorry for the local farmers and their crops (or lack of).
Though that does mean for me
another indoor day of fun - 
sewing and quilting.

I hope your parade didn't get rained on

and you had a nice weekend.

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