Lucy Boston

Monday, July 20, 2015

making hay!

It's Summertime,
weather-wise, finally. :)
Hot, muggy, steamy, and even sunny!
Just the way it should be for mid-July.

With the last few weeks of nasty weather -
thunder, lightning and heavy rainstorms, 
you'd think I'd be so much further along with my
indoor activities, aka:  sewing, than what I am. 
But since I don't plug in my computerized electronics 
(sewing machines included) during such bad weather,
I don't have much to show in the way of progress...

Between storms though, I did sew this Farm Girl Vintage block:
Yep, I sewed ONE little six inch block.  

Oh, I also did cut out more fabric for my Farm Girl Vintage blocks...
but I only have a picture of one of the groups:
Above, that's six blocks, in six little piles,
on one of my portable design boards.
And below, is my method of organizing
the bazillion little pieces of each six inch finished block, 
on one of my design-boards,
readying them for sewing.
(: OK, really, this block only has 37 pieces. :)

My design-board organization 
is similar to that which the pattern designer 
(Lori of Bee in My Bonnet) uses,
except my little design boards are not as cute as hers.

I made my design boards by wrapping a scrap of batting
around the included plastic divider sheets from my ArtBin box,
then secured that batting on the back with painter's tape.
I'm pretty sure that Lori/Bee In My Bonnet didn't use painter's tape. :)

I'm off to make hay blocks while the sun shines!
Happy Monday,
and hope your day is sun-shiny, too! 


  1. Well, that one six inch block looks wonderful!

  2. It's adorable! All six inches of it!

  3. How many more blocks in the Farm Girl Sew-along do you have to go?


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