Lucy Boston

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

more Farm Girl Vintage blocks

I'm continuing stitching and trying to finish up some
long awaited UnFinished Quilts/Projects...
which I shared about previously, here.
But, I also worked on my NEW project last week,
as I sewed together six more blocks for my
Farm Girl Vintage quilt!

I'm really enjoying making these blocks.
The book (by Lori Holt) 
has patterns for both 12 and 6 inch finished blocks,
and I'm making the six-inch square blocks,
so there are some really tiny cuts of fabric.
On the canning jars block (above, top-right),
the bottom of the jar corner-pieces are only cut at 3/4ths of an inch!
In my excitement of making these blocks,
I did have a little problem with the block called Corn and Tomatoes:
Yep, see the pieces to the left?  
I stitched the red polka-dot onto the background fabric
at the wrong angle.
Oops! had to make some new units.
Maybe, hopefully, these wrongly-made pieces 
will go into another block at a later date.

In regards to the UFQ/Progress:
I'm binding the next to last of the baby quilts that I need for this Summer gifting, and I've finished quilting the wedding-quilt gift, so it's ready to trim and bind.

Feels good to have progress -
progress on new and old projects!

Hope you are having a wonderful, happy day!


  1. Oh what happy blocks! This must be a joy to work on, especially when it's raining! Hope you get some more block fun today.

  2. I don't have the Farm Girl pattern. Had no idea that you would have a choice of block size.
    Have you started on the Old Voices blocks/


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