Lucy Boston

Friday, July 31, 2015

goodbye July, goodbye beach

July has flown by already!
I had 10 days (with most of the immediate family) at the beach,
and that also flew by.
I took along a whole tote bag of quilts that needed the
binding hand-stitched, but with the sunny beach calling my name,
just a little stitching happened. :)
My tote of quilts awaiting the hand-stitching binding
This is nearly the same 14-hour driving trip 
I've made three times in the last year and a half,
and this is the FIRST time 
I've been in a quilt shop on the way back or forth!
Some might say I have great restraint, :)
but in reality, it's just been a timing thing.
Anyway, this time I passed a Tennessee quilt shop during open hours, and found these:
Civil War reproduction lights for an upcoming project,
and a piece of cute campfire/marshmallow/s'mores 
to add to the eye-spy stash.

Now to motivate myself to get back to the
house cleaning and reunion prep!
Oh, and a little more stitching, too.

Happy Friday!


  1. It's so difficult to wrap my brain around how quickly time is passing. Glad you had a nice vacation. It used to take me 14 hours to drive to my vacation spot. Now I live here for half the year. Yay retirement!

  2. That campfire, s'mores fabric would be great in a mini camping quilt I bought for hubby. The kit has a campfire, and marshmallow buttons.


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