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Monday, July 13, 2015

flower fun and another meandering

I recently saw this great display at a local nursery, 
and had to share the smile:
Makes me want to go round up all the old wagons I have stashed in the barn, and find a place to hang them! :)

Also, I got to meander over another baby quilt,
this time for Bev:
I think she chose great colors and prints along with a whole bunch of white-on-white fabrics.
I really liked the fabrics and colors and will have to remember this color scheme for a later date!

Thanks for visiting!
Hope your day is great!


  1. I love those wagons too! How fun!
    cute baby quilt

  2. What a great idea for planting! I might be able to manage that much of a garden! Love the baby quilt. I would never have thought to put grey in a baby quilt, but it really pops those purples and teals. Love it!

  3. Love vintage it! Now you have reminded me that I have one in storage. The baby quilt looks very modern and cool.

    Take care.


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