Lucy Boston

Thursday, July 16, 2015

rain, rain, go away...

Here in central Ohio, we are enjoying 
(I use the word 'enjoying' very loosely)
more heavy rain, lightening and thunderstorms.  
Yesterday we had another 2 and a half inches of rain!
I don't know about you, 
but when those electrical storms are ongoing
(like they have been here recently),
I don't plug in any of my computerized machines,
like my sewing machines or the long-arm machine.
I figure it would only take one hit to electrically fry
the components of one of my favorite machines!
Are you the same way?

During the stormy days here, 
I have pre-cut and prepped many blocks -
ready to stitch anytime the storms are not visiting.
I've only stitched together ONE of my Farm Girl Vintage blocks this week!!

I have done some hand-stitching...  
I'm still whip-stitching together 
more of the potholder blocks of
my Flags of the American Revolution quilt.

Also, I've worked on binding another of the baby quilts to gift...
(I know some will notice and ask about the area that's not quilted in this picture... the bottom, left.  I left it un-quilted, so that I could later quilt/stitch in the baby's name and birth date!)

During this rainy-so-far-Summer, 
I've taken some time to visit some blogs -
to live vicariously through others' pictures of 
sunny days, trips and vacations.
My favorites are ones that shared their travel photos.
Not just any photos, but specifically 
to the New England Quilt Museum
and the Sister's Quilt show to name a couple.
But the one that has stuck in my head the most is
Wendy's, The Constant Quilter blog (link here),
from her trip to the Vermont Quilt Festival.
So many great pics of wonderful, vintage quilts.

All of those travel photos makes me want to do some traveling!
SO inspiring!; 
But all of those quilt-y photos also cause me a little trouble,
as it makes me really, really, really
want to start another project!!
I do remember my promise to myself 
to finish up some Quilts already In Progress...
I will finish another QIP first. 
I will finish another QIP first.
I will finish another QIP first.

Hope you are having sunny, stitching days!


  1. The advantage of using hand cranks and treadles, almost exclusively, means that machines aren't plugged in. Do worry, tho, my inlaws were hit by lighting last month, and it fried most of their electronics.

  2. Wish we could get a little of your rain. Thanks for showing how you sew the pot holders together. I'm looking forward to seeing that quilt completed. I sewed about 6 of the Vintage Farm Girl blocks today. I'm getting anxious to work on another color scheme so I'm trying to finish that quilt up. As cute as it is to sew in the bright spring-like colors, I get tired of them. I think I could sew the muddy repro colors forever.

  3. Ahh.. Love visiting quilt shows, even if it's only a virtual tour.:)

  4. I am so sorry to hear of your weather woes. I usually love rainy days for sewing, but NOT 2 1/2" of rain with lightening! We have just enjoyed 2 days of "September" sunny, dry and cool days. Love it but know it won't last! Thanks for linking to my VT post. I find myself wanting to go back for more inspiration! There goes that pesky need to create something new instead of finishing what I'm working on! No guilt - just stitch!


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