Lucy Boston

Monday, March 29, 2010

Ah, Spring...

I thought I was ready for Spring. 
I even washed some of the throw rugs and hung them out to dry. 
They were still damp that late afternoon,
so I left them out over-night. 
Spring wasn't quite ready for Spring, though...
as this was the next morning:

Yep, three inches of snow over night!!! 
Surprise!!!  Snow day on March 26th!!
So now the rugs were frozen and snowy...
So I shook them off (well, as well as you can shake a frozen rug),
 and hung them back up. 
And left them out again all day and another night. 
Finally, clean and snow-free and dry.
Then I quilted this for Colleen:
  I like it.
 I like it alot. 
Bet she keeps it for herself, and doesn't give it to me...
I even told her about my frozen, snowy rug problems.
She is a good friend,
but it made not a snow drift of a difference.
Oh, well, I'm still glad that spring is here!
Snow and all.
Hope your week goes well and is snow-free.

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  1. We haven't had any snow for ages here and I hope it stays that way. Lots and lots of rain though. Spring will come soon I hope.


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