Lucy Boston

Sunday, March 7, 2010

thankful heart

I recently recieved a "thank you" in the mail...a thank you for the "Wool Crazy" book give-away... 
Betty from Missouri was the winner and as a thank you for the book - well, she just stitched me a thank you heart.  And doesn't it look like a thankful heart???  She also let me know in the thank you note that she now has a group of nine, I repeat, NINE!, women meeting to work on Wool Crazy!!  If you recall, Betty is a wool rug-hooker, so she said she has the wool scraps already, and she really was excited to win the book as she was going to try to talk her friends into doing the Wool Crazy along with her.  (She must not have had any problem talking friends into doing the project since she already has nine!) 
Look at her stitches in this wool heart...
she will have no problem at all with the stitching, will she?
The best thing about the give-away?  I feel like I won also!
Thanks from the bottom of my heart, Betty,
for the very generous thank you for the Wool Crazy book.
This is going right onto a patch in the first quarter of my Wool Crazy.
I will put Betty's initials and state on the corner of the patch and
will be reminded every time that I see it
of all  of the great people you "meet" in Blog-land".
That sure is a nice way to start the week!


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