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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thankful, St. Patrick's Day greetings

Luck of the Irish.....
I am sooooooo lucky! 
Check out the beautiful birthday violet in a little nest-basket. 
Lucky to receive this gift from a friend a.k.a. co-worker.
She didn't know the story behind me and violets, but intuitively gave me this on a day that I needed it.  (long story-maybe for another time, but involves my father's funeral).
And in the background, a cute, shiny-new, flowery, quilted looking soap dispenser that I really needed for my kitchen (now I can put away the snowman one that sits out all year and that I usually just turn around backwards during all the seasons other than winter!).
That is another lucky, lucky me...I recieved the soap dispenser from a friend/co-worker at the retreat this past weekend - just 'cause...
Then, here's the newest Mary Janes Farm magazine.
  This gift was also for my birthday and was given to me by my friend a.k.a. boss.  I love to peruse this magazine over and over.  And finally,
all of those beautiful go with a Crabapple Hill pattern - Snowmen A to Z.  I chose this pattern for my birthday and Sweetie helped me find all of the correct flosses in the mega/fabric/super store (which he HATES to go into, so that tells you the love behind this gift).
Am I not just one of the luckiest people you've happened to come across in blogland? 
Lucky to have recieved all of these wonderful, thoughtful gifts;
Luckier still, to have the best of the best friends!!!
Just so very lucky to have such wonderful people in my life!!!
I'm telling you,
Luck of the Irish!!!

And me, not even Irish!!!

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  1. I love your violet in the bird nest basket! I love violets too. They bring back special memories of my grandmama. lovely post and glad it was a happy birthday. t in tx


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