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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


OK, odd topic, I know, but do you have triggers?
No, not guns and no, not horses...
You know, something that you do only when or because of something else that you do?
Oh, you know what I'm talking about...
or maybe not. 
Some people may not realize that they are doing something
that is "triggered" by something else that they are doing.
It is truly done unconsiously, you just don't realize that there is a trigger.

I am asking this because I realized that I am always drinking more iced water than usual when I am piecing at my sewing machine.  Why would that be?  And I finally realized that this is a trigger...
My "trigger" is sitting at my sewing machine and pushing all the fabric through. 
Not when I'm cutting or designing, just the sewing part. 
Most of the time, I pre-cut all of my fabrics for a project and then just sew and sew and sew.  THAT is the time that I drink, when I've been sitting, sewing for hours.
Maybe because I am dried out from all that fabric. 
Maybe because I'm just a little bored with the monotony of the continual motion. 
I will go and get a re-fill on my water every hour... it's a huge refill.
I'm not saying that my mug is one of those Gallon size things, but maybe quart-sized at most.
And of course, then I have to make a pit-stop before I go back to sewing.
I know it's good to get up and move around,
so it's good to get up and "go".
(teehee - sorry about the pun!) 

I'm glad that this sewing motion doesn't "trigger" something else, 
 like continual eating, or singing, or humming, or talking out loud to myself, 
or something equally as obnoxious. 
(And I'm not saying that you are obnoxious if you do any of these things,
but, from me?  Yes, singing would be obnoxious!)

I know people that smoke only when they drive. 
Does that mean that they can't drive effectively unless they are smoking??? 

Back to my trigger: the water drinking habit while sewing/piecing. 
This trigger doesn't really have any great draw-backs, I suppose. 
Except for the fact that I need to use the restroom more frequently than if I wasn't drinking continually. 
But that's not usually a problem.
I haven't yet found a sewing place that didn't have a restroom!

So, Gals, what are your triggers???

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