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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

spring rabbits

So, I put out a little spring candy containers and fake flowers in a cute pot.  But notice in the background???  Outside the back door?
(Yes, I still have my snowflakes up at the window, don't notice that...)
Notice that outside the window it is dreary and rainy and overcast and blah.  Just blah.  So overcast and blah that the outdoor lighting is on in the garden.  Please notice the birdfeeder.  The birdfeeder that is now hanging precariously.  That would be the raccoon in residence...he has decided that this is HIS back deck.  So, not only does he leave droppings where ever he wishes, he also feeds from the bird feeder until it is empty.  And it must be easier to eat from the ground after he tips the feeder than to stand in the bird bath and wash and eat!  And I thought that raccoons were supposed to be a little hygenic about their food and eating habits.  Enough of the racoon in residence... back to the feeling of spring.  I needed to forget about the resident raccooon and his issues, I needed more spring decor....

I was saying about the spring feeling....
I decided it was time to clean a little (very little) and put out a few pieces that might chase away the gloom.
These "wabbits" are papier mache'.  They are made in Germany by Ino Schaller.  They are reproductions, hand-made using the original antique molds used by the same family years and years ago.  Most of these pieces are candy containers.  And they make me smile.
can't you tell he is wishing you a good day?
Forget the resident raccoon and the blah, dreary weather.
Think rabbits - smiling rabbits.
Did I mention that some of these candy container rabbits have a deep, dark secret?
A very deep, dark secret.
  A    d - a - r - k    c - h - o - c - o - l - a - t - e   secret.
I knew they were my friends!
Now back to quilting!

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