Lucy Boston

Friday, March 5, 2010

Lookie, lookie, lookie!!!!

Check this out!!!
I had an email note from
last week.
Jennifer of "".
She wanted to let me know that
Lumiere de Noel
was going to be available in pre-cuts from Moda.
Lumiere de Noel early release...
Lumiere de Noel for special customers...
And I was a "special customer"!!!
(I told her I felt as if I was a "teacher's pet"!, getting this early warning/offer).

They,, only ordered the precuts of Lumiere de Noel to sell to "their mailing list members as an exclusive special event for them".  Isn't that just wonderful?  A special event just for being on a mailing list???

I had asked Jennifer from if they were going to get this Christmas line later this year, as I loved the colors. 
I didn't necessarily "love" all of the prints in the line, but I "love, love, love" the colors. 

I figure if you are going to loving chop up all the fabrics into little pieces and loving sew it all back together, the prints that I didn't "love" weren't really going to show up as much as the colors would. 

So, I just HAD to order an "exclusive, special event" pre-cut bundle of fat quarters. 
What with me being the teacher's/shop-owner's pet of and all. 
This is my favorite print three different color-ways.
*drooling here, sorry!
This "special pet customer" is off to clean up some slobber, then play with some fabrics!
Happy Friday,
and hope your day is great, too,
slobber and all!


  1. Doesn't little things like that make you feel special. Have a great time with the new fabrics.


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