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Friday, March 12, 2010

I second that!

A friend and I were just speaking about the job market and economy not just here in Ohio, but across the entire U.S. 
A couple of nights ago on the national news there were the lastest reports on unemployment and how our county here in Ohio had the lowest/best rating in our state, while neighboring counties had the highest/worst rating.  So we talked about this not just national problem but the local market, too.
And we had decided that we love our jobs!!!  
No T.G.I.F. for us!!! (ThankGoodness It's Friday), but that we look forward to going to work and the people we work with and see, no matter the day of the week.
We GET to work in a quilt shop, touching fabric, rearranging things, planning projects, making kits, stitching to our hearts content, and getting to visit with others who share the same passion. 
This morning when I went through my blog-roll and read the latest entry from Mark at SparkSpace, I was glad to see that he thinks the same thing - not about quilting, but about his job...
Selective dyslexia - not TGIF, but GIFT...
Check out his thoughts on this exact subject. 
I second that!

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  1. Agree with you Deb. If you love what you do, you can't go wrong. What a wonderful thing it is to wake up in the morning and not dread a moment of the day, because you are exactly where you want to be. Amazing how many people spend liftimes looking for life to find them, instead of the other way around. God bless.


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