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Monday, March 8, 2010

mostly misspent

I feel a little behind...
behind schedule that is.

Ohioan Ambrose Bierce said:
Day (noun) is a period of twenty-four hours, mostly misspent.

Bierce was a journalist after his distinguished Civil War service.
But he must have felt a little behind at one time or another, to come up with this quote.
And this was before the start of daylight savings time.  Wonder what he would say about this hour of time difference that is coming this weekend.

Anyway, that's me lately... misspending my time...
I take full responsibility....
My sweet daughter introduced me to a facebook game:  Mahjong Dimensions.
She warned me that it is addictive.
It's a three dimensional matching game.
It only takes one minute to play a game.
(Both my daughter and my little sis play.
They are whopping-up on me. double and triple my score.)
It is only a one minute long game...
I have played many one-minute increments.
(Good thing the Olympics were over before I started using my minutes elsewhere).
Besides playing this one minute game almost constantly,
there is this feeling that some things are hanging over my shoulder.

This week I would like to  need to  like to finish, in no particular order:

    • a wedding gift that is one year late - wait, it's not late, now it's a wedding/ anniversary gift:...the bride chose neutrals...I wanted to throw in some purples for "punch", but I didn't.  So now I will make myself the same neutral quilt, but will throw in the purple punch.
    • a girly baby gift going to North Carolina
    • a girly baby gift going to Netherlands
    • a boyish baby gift staying here in Ohio - the cute little boy is now one year old
    • a girly baby gift going to Texas.
    • a nephew toddler gift that somehow got skipped, so it needs to be bigger so he can use it now that he is three (!)
    • a boyish baby gift staying here in Ohio - this is a newborn, only weeks old, so I have a chance to get this one done before he turns one.
    I have tops made for all of the above (scratch that, I am a girly one short),
    they are just waiting on the "quilting lady" to get her act in gear.
    Yes, I am that "quilting lady" person, therefore that feeling of being a little behind.

    I think it's do-able....
    day light savings time, mis-spent time and all.

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