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Monday, March 8, 2010

I wish I could eat more

Pasta, marinara sauce, anchovy/garlic/oil sauce (which has a very lovely Italian name which I can't remember), meatballs, sausage,  green salads, and a more than wonderful stuffed cheese/garlic bread (above in foil).  Oh, yeah, there was also a baking dish of chicken wrapped with croissant dough, veggie tray with spinach dip, and, blueberry cheese spread with crackers. 
I won't show you the picture of the plate of food that I ate....but it was ridiculous. 
Yes, I had some of everything, and then some.

(My Aunt, the hostess, setting out desserts.)
My Aunt's In-laws are Italian and are both just adorable and love to cook...thus the Italian theme.  Her father-in-law wanted to make a meal like he had as a child back in Italy.

My family, well, we might think we are related to the Amish.
Or any other group of folks that love to cook massive quantities of exquisite food for family gatherings and for no special reason.

'Cause there wasn't enough food already...
Then, there were desserts!!!! Plural!!!
There was a strawberry/angel food dish, chocolate silk pie, chocolate chip cake, Italian cream cake, twinkie cake, and...a chocolate fountain with tons of fresh fruits.

This was my "sample plate" of desserts.  I tried to have small slivers so I could try everything at the dessert table too.  Didn't work...


If you are ever invited to a family gathering with my people?

Come hungry.
And pace yourself.
And bring your hollow leg.

I'm just saying.

And I did quilt this weekend, but after all of this food?  I'll share that later.


  1. For sure if I'm ever invited for dessert I will bring a hollow leg. Love the term. Actually my husband has a hollow prosthesis but don't think I'll bring it. I'll just enjoy the desserts while I'm there. You should do that for a living. Or maybe you do - beautiful presentation of food. And that adds to the flavor - in my book.

  2. Looks wonderful!! Hubbie's family is Italian, so I know "Italian style" and I LOVE it!! Dinner looks like it was fantastic!


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