Lucy Boston

Saturday, March 20, 2010

spring has...

Spring,          Sprang,          Sprung,

Today at 1.32 p.m. spring arrives!!!
Do you have these signs of spring around your place???
We also have crocus blooming and other flowers showing their heads,
But, potatoes???
Are your potatoes sprouting???  :D

And, F-i-n-a-l-l-y,
a project finished and out the door...the wedding gift that went to Florida and immediately moved to the Seattle, Washington area!

This was a pattern from the "40 Fabulous Quick-Cut Quilts" book.  And, bonus, I used up more of my scraps!
I really like the scrapiness of the creams and tans, but there are a few mediums that are a little dark, in my opinion.  But, all is well, I've heard that the recipient would like to keep it!

Happy Spring!


  1. First of all the potatoes, are you going to plant them, you have a good root going.
    And the quilt, it looks wonderful. I like some of the dark in the medium, it makes it pop. It is one of my favorites and the snowball one is a favorite too of the ones you have made lately.

  2. Debra, Such a stunning quilt! To think your scraps and talent produced such a wonderful piece. Great work. How many hours for a project such as this?


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