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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy May Day

Happy May Day wishes to everyone!
A day late, but better than not at all, I suppose...
I didn't realize it was already May!

Did you ever participate in the old tradition of May Day?
You know, leaving flowers in little baskets on your neighbors' doors?
I know I did a few times...
And I really liked it.  I may have to start doing this again...
some of the neighbors already think I'm off my rocker, so what the hay?!
Anyway, I can't believe it's May already...
that means graduations and weddings and reunions and all that fun stuff is coming up shortly!

I finally did a little more spring cleaning.  Why is that not so fun? 
Is it because there's always soooooo much to do? 
I know that I "save" it up and do it, well, try to do it all at once.
Maybe it would be better to do it more consistently?
Probably, but not my style, I guess. 
Give me a deadline, and I will whirlwind through it.
So, in the spirit of "spring cleaning", 
I did a little hanging and rearranging of "stuff" aka decor.
This is the finished (!!!) "Easy Catch"
 from the BlackBird Designs book "Small Favorites for All Seasons"
I like it a lot... a whole lot. 
The dog-tooth border is my favorite border now. 
 (Subject to change with the next project!) 
I used an old wool camp blanket for the fish - don't you love his belly stripe? 
I used new hand-dyed wool for the flag blue ground and red stripes. 
The rest is cotton from the kit I purchased at Good Wives a while back. 
Now that this is finished, I am allowing myself to start another project...
which one shall it be???
So exciting! 
I think it will be from that new book "Summer Gatherings" by Primitive Gatherings. 
And you may remember, that I cheated and already started one from this book...
when the blue wool  jumped out of the wool bin and onto the cutting table, along with Blue's cousins white and green and yellow?
Remeber the daisies in the Mason Jar...
it just needs stems and framing or quilting.
I think it will go on the wall with the "Easy Catch"
I think I will start filling this wall in the great room with small projects. 
Small, finished projects! 
Or maybe I should stick to the spring cleaning thingy?!
Happy May to you!
and may you have baskets of flowers on your doors!


  1. Oh Debra Easy Catch is just adorable - I think I have to make it!!! And I have toooooo many things in process right now. You did an awesome job on it!


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