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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

flowers, wool and real

My next project???   
 From this book, of course...
I have chosen wool!  Imagine that!
I grabbed the pre-purchased wool from the kit...
I gathered my little pattern - and starting cutting.
 see the white, four petaled little piece of freezer paper? 
That is my pattern!

Only need 85!  The size of a dime...
Not a problem!

Snipping, trimming, mini scraps...
on the arm of my lazy-girl chair
(though I'm not usually so lazy in this chair,
as this is where I stitch every night;
I may have to re-name my chair!).
One, one-hour silly television show later:
All of my geranium flowers cut and ready for pillow making.
Then, today I went to a large garden center/nursery with garden club gals...
and I chose this:
A very nice geranium to put out on the back deck!  And the picture probably doesn't show, but there are soooo many more of those little flowers and blooms on this plant than I cut last night.
I am really going to like this working on this project
and seeing the blooms open on this geranium at the same time!

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