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Friday, May 14, 2010


Yes, that is me...easily swayed by the sun! 
I can find all kinds of things to do around the house - inside and out. 
Turn on that sunshine, and I'm telling you,
I have at least 20 things that I am in the middle of doing simultaneously. 
I think the sunshine makes my brain mushy! 
As I was working on a commission quilt,
I felt the need to review my mushy-brain list of things to do... 
Check out these pics: 
This is the south end of the house last fall. 
OK, it still pretty much looked that way earlier this spring, too!
Yes, the first picture is of a chicken roost.
No, I no longer have chickens in my life.
I would love chickens again, but Sweetie has had enough of the feathered friends in his life (his family had a turkey production when he was growing up) and his vote is no on the chickens.  I can live with that.  I enjoy have the roosting box up though.  I have all kinds of plants chosen that will "roost" here for the summer and into the fall!  This end of the house gets the sun after noon and throughout the rest of the day.
This window box is on the same end of the house, so same sun exposure.  I had to try to get some heat tolerant plants. 
I think I might have accomplished that this year. 
Sometimes I get swayed by all the beautiful plants and colors and vibrancy and choose plants that are really not great for the area.  We shall see. 
Now that we are past the local frost date,
I am thinking that I could go do some planting.
Swayed by a little sun...

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