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Thursday, May 27, 2010

BFF a.k.a. stalker

This is another person that has me standing in front of quilts in awe.
In awe because of her talent and creativity.
I do not stalk Jo Morton.
Though I did warn her of someone that I know that could potentially be her stalker.
(Stalker sounds so harsh...maybe "follower" would be better.  No, "follower" sounds too nice...maybe BFF-stalker.)
Anyway, that someone/stalker/BFF did not attend Quilt Market this spring, so Jo is good. 
But to appease the potential stalker, I asked Jo to sign her new book "Coming Home" for this would be someone/stalker/BFF. 
Hopefully that works.
And the new book is GREAT!!!

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  1. Hey, Bff that is my bff. Did you get the book autographed to me??????


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