Lucy Boston

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

market gatherings

Driving cross-country? 
Some folks don't like the driving and time spent,
but, well, I love it!!!
Seven hundred plus miles...
Through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, and into Minnesota.
Beautiful countryside...
Great sights, sounds, and pictures.
Sunrise and sunset...

Of course, I packed a bag of stitching to occupy my riding-time:

(and, yes, I always over-pack and over-estimate the amount of stitching I can get done in a set amount of drive time, so, yes, this gathering of projects was not even close to being all worked on and stitched, let alone touched!)
I would like to share a few pics
of the gatherings
from the drive across
part of
the United States of America's heartland...
First, a picture out the front window:
Note the beautiful blue sky and the soft, puffy clouds. 
Also note the nice, big bug splats on the windshield.
This was daytime, so a good gathering of specimens,
don't you think,
 for the middle of the day?
Then, after a couple of filling station stops with windshield scrubs,
which was basically a hopeless endeavor I found,
I decided to photograph the best collection of gatherings....

Aren't they just the greatest "gatherings"????

Another great thing about driving 'cross country?
Being able to "gather" things besides bug splats...
We stopped in an antique store that came highly recommended.
And I found this:
It's about 18 inches by 30 inches - an enamel tub!
And imagine, it fit right into the back of the vehicle!!!
I am going to tell my sweet daughter that I now have a baby tub in the house....
(we only had showers up to this point) and see what she has to say about that :) !!)
I know there is a while to wait for THAT announcement,
so I already put it to another use...

I filled it with "gatherings" from market!


  1. As my Dad used to say, "It took those bugs a lot of guts to do that"

  2. too funny! Thanks for adding a smile to my evening.

  3. Looks like you had a good time. Bugs and all.
    All your goodies look fun, I love the baby bath. Glad you made it back safe.


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