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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


OK gals...
When I was at Quilt Market I got to see something spectacular!!!
When I was at Quilt Market I got to meet someone talented and spectacular!!!
(I really got to meet a whole lot of spectacular and talented people, I just didn't take pics of all of them to share...sorry!)
Back to spectacular and talented...
Wait for it...
I got to see



Wool Crazy!!!!

Check it out!!!
And that gal standing in front of the quilt...
the one with the gorgeous smile,
JoAnn Mullaly herself!
Such a nice person, and always smiling,
even after standing on concrete all day,
meeting and greeting all of her fans, shop owners and buyers.

I stood there in from of that quilt, in awe...
Can you tell that the corner to her right is wet with drool?
I told her
 "I Was Not a Stalker".
And then I drooled all over the corner of her quilt.
I don't know if she believed me...

p.s.  JoAnn has other patterns available-
but I neglected to see where they were available, I was so in awe..sorry!

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  1. I also stood in the same corner of the same booth and drooled!!


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