Lucy Boston

Thursday, May 20, 2010


So this is a view somewhere in Iowa - (remember to click on the pic to see enlargement)
a beautiful wind farm and corn field. 
It was a beautiful, sunny day driving meandering from Ohio, through Indiana, Illinois, and into Iowa.  Just a couple more hours and Quilt Market/Minnesota, here we come!
I really enjoyed the sights traveling across our heartland. 
 I saw great dust-plumes following trucks traveling down gravel side roads. 
Red-winged blackbirds sitting on fence posts...
 there were about a million or so (really, I counted!)
checking out the newly tilled and no-tilled fields. 
Then we came to the wind farms - so elegant and peaceful!
I miss all the local big farms in Ohio. 
It was nice to drive through the farmland here and
see all that I have been missing:
the beautiful farm homesteads so pridefully attended,
big ole' bank barns, with or without animals present.
old farts in old trucks going out to the fields
 and to town to get parts for something that needs parts.
Seeing the freshly turned earth.
And, the dust plumes...
I guess I miss gravel roads!
Only until it's time to wash the vehicle, though!

More market stuff meandering hopefully tomorrow

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