Lucy Boston

Monday, May 17, 2010

simple things

I received a box in the mail this past week!!!!!
And I don't remember ordering anything lately...
so I tore into it,

a zip top plastic bag,
filled with
paper towel wrapped
And the box was HEAVY!
So I carefully unwrapped all the little bundles...

My daughter thought of me while she was walking the
rocky east coast beaches!!
Aren't they wonderful?
I'm sure these are exactly the ones I would have picked up
if I was there myself!
And she said they are better looking when they are wet!
I need to get going,
I have rocks to get wet!!!


  1. You have a wonderful daughter!

  2. Cool rocks! I love it when it rains and the rocks around the water garden get wet! :0)

  3. Those look like the rocks we have at the shore of our Maine cottage. We have always refered to the black ones with the stipe of white in them as lucky rocks. My daughter collects them whenever she is there and has a jar displaying them.

  4. This is the kind of simple gift I love! You sent me off to school smiling!
    :-} pokey

  5. Our children have no idea how much we love simple gifts that show they think of us. I know you will treasure those rocks forever - I would. blessings, marlene


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