Lucy Boston

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Yep, that's me! 
A slacker, lately!
Few and far between on the blog posts.
No excuses, just life!
So back to the business at hand:
Here are a couple of quilts I meandered over last week.
The first is Virginia's.
She is working on cleaning up her back-log of UFOs.
This one is a five-year-old BOM.
I don't know about you, but I think it was worth the wait! 
The second one is Helen's.
A trip around the world. 
 In thirties.
It's great, too, isn't it?
I have a pic,
as promised,
of the craziness that I signed up for recently.
I told you that
I decided
I had the time this summer
to do a
Each week is
4 applique and 5 nine-patches -
all finishing at three and a half inches!
The craziness in this decision?
The WEEK part!!!
Who in the world
has time to add four appliques and 5 nine-patches a week!!!!!??????
In the middle of summer????!!!!
What was I thinking?
the first week,
the delivery was late -
as the truck carrying the background fabric had an accident in New York.
So, right off the bat  needle, well, I am a week behind in my BOW.
This is the forth week...
and it's time for this weeks' blocks in the mail.
I want it noted that I am caught up - all three previous weeks done!
Here's the proof:

I guess I'm not up to date!
I just counted the little 3 1/2 inch blocks in the picture,
should be 15 nine-patches and 12 appliques....
I only count ten 9-patches. 
But, I do have all of the wool on cotton appliques done. 
I will count the appliques as done.
5 nine-patches to go.
Before the mailman drives past my house tomorrow lunch-time!

And why did I decide that I could add this project to my summer?
Well, just look at those blocks...
They are just too cute!


  1. your little quilt and also the ones you are quilting!
    If I ever get one finished I am going to call on you!

  2. I love Virginia's and Helen's quilts. And I am impressed that you are getting caught up on the BOW.


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