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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

50th post already? That means a giveaway!!!

**giveaway closed**

EDIT:  I received two more fabric swap envelopes in the mail on Saturday!!!
Thanks Katy and Esther!!!  I think that's all 6!!! (If the mystery one was Jennifer.)  Maybe I will open them TOMORROW?!  Thanks, all!
Five-zero.  The big five-O.  5 and ought!
I can't believe that I am up to 50 blogging posts! (And under 50 days before Christmas!--eeek)
Back in August, when I started this little thingy, and I really didn't know what I was doing, (like I really know what I'm doing here now!) I just decided it was going to be my "thing to learn this year".   Way back in the 60's, yes I said the 60's!, when I was just a little girly, my great-grandma made me promise her, an Out-Loud Promise, that I would learn something new every year.  She said that women were under-rated and under-appreciated, and WE could do something about that. 
I grew up and married and started my own household; I learned something new every year...most years it was done unconsciously.  At some point I looked back and realized that I WAS LEARNING SOMETHING NEW EVERY YEAR! 
And as my children grew, and my life became a little less hectic, I began to sometimes consciously chose new things to learn every year.   
Sometimes the new thing I learned chose me.    And, one time, in particular, what I learned was that the new thing I learned was something I couldn't do, no matter how hard I tried!!  But, I WAS keeping my Out Loud Promise to Great-Grandma. 
So, I have learned something new every year. And this was the year that I took my journaling to electronic heights!  Just for me.  And for the Out Loud promise I made to my Great-Grandma B.
So In honor of my 50th post and in honor of Great-Grandma B, and the season - a giveaway!!!  And because of my Great-Grandma B, there are so many different things that I have learned, that I like to do and create, that would be a good give-away gift!  After pondering this for awhile, I have chosen a few things that I think know came about because of my out loud promise to Great-Grandma B:

One person will win all of the following:
One of my stitchery patterns, one of my pincushions & pattern and an inspiring book: 
First: My punkin' orange-work pattern called the "Pumpkin Tree" with fabric kit, floss, needle & hoop.
Second: one of my pincushions & my pattern Pumpkin Pincushions (in case you want to make a whole pumpkin patch of pincushions).  This little cutie does double duty as a pincushion or as table decor through Thanksgiving!
And third:  An autographed copy of "Out of the Box" by Mary Lou Weidman.  (This was a book that I picked up at Quilt Market.  I spoke with the author as she signed my copy and found in her a kindred spirit in creativity.  My creativity comes out in a more folky style than hers though!)

So, if you'd like to try for a chance to win this give-away, just leave a comment here before midnight , EST, Sunday, November 15th, and I will do a random draw on Monday, November 16th! 
Just tell me "What two new things* that you think I have learned to do over the years because of my out loud promise to my Great-Grandma B." *no fair picking quilting or blogging!  Or, tell me two new things that you have learned this year!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Just started reading your blog - AWESOME! Two things I learned this year: 1) Black work, which I love; 2) Correct way to pivot a horse

  2. Okay, not really fair because I've known you for a while, but what've you learned over the years....hmmm...Hard to pick just two...How to make flies for my wonderful husband and his friends and how to make a butter turkey and take the jokes that went along with it! Now for me - this year I learned how to help deliver a kid (goat type) and how to teach my daughter to drive.

  3. Thank you so much for the wonderful giveaway and the even more wonderful story. I do LOVE the "Promise Out Loud", it is a comittment to each other.'s my two:

    1) Blogging can be as hard as it can be fun. How do you express yourself and say what you truly want.
    2) There is nothing more exciting than knowing someone out there in blogland has commented on what you have written about.

    Okay, those are things that I have learned from my experience blogging. It is a stange and wonderful world, and blogging is just another way of exploring it. Kuddo's to you kiddo for the mile marker #50!

    Keep on blogging!!!

  4. Hi Debra, great post! This year, I have learned to do machine applique in two ways (does that count as two things?) and also to trust my instincts when it comes to online many ways, you are what you blog...happy people usually blog happy things and the opposite is probably also true! The timing on the envelopes would be right for mine to have arrived on Monday. It started with a return address label, but it may have come off in transit! I sent one fabric that looked like a birch tree and one with gardening stuff on it. Hope it made it to you!

  5. Debra,
    Did you learn to play a harmonica one year?
    One of my things I have learned to do is be a grandma, which I love. And another is being a mother-in-law twice.
    You had to have learned to make candy one year, because what you make is soooooo...... good.
    I have also learned to quilt outside of my box sometimes because of you. Thanks
    Happy 50th Blog! ! ! ! !

  6. What a clever woman your GGB was ..... I'm late for your draw, but thanks for dropping by my blog as I have found you in return.