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Thursday, August 12, 2010

half bushel

This is a half bushel box....
 This is what came in that half bushel box...
well, most of what came in that box :)....

Peach heaven!
Well, they should be named that.
Really, they are my favorite variety of peach.
Their season is very short here in Ohio.
And sometimes this variety is hard to find.
The variety is ...
well, I don't want to tell,
'cause then you will look for them too,
I then I will have an even harder time finding them...
Oh, well,
I was taught to share,
so the variety is:
The smell just makes your mouth water.
Did I tell you how wonderful they taste?
(see, I told you I can share)
and how easily they peel?
sorry, I will tell you.
They are called
Well, those are the initials.
That stands for Canadian Harmony.
There, I said it.
(Thank you, folks from the north,
for sharing this great peach variety.)

Now, I am asking you, the reader,
"Please, please, please, 
don't go pick them all so I can't have any for my freezer."
I'm telling you, they are the best.
But if you like something else, that's OK,
you just stick with those!

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  1. They look yummy! I can almost smell them from here! :0)


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