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Friday, August 20, 2010

my back door

I love back door guests.
Which, I guess, doesn't make them guests, per se,
if they are comfortable enough to come in the back.
Remember that old saying...?
Back door guests are best!

It's true.

Here are a couple pics taken out my back door.
(No, that is not a fish out of water.
That is a citronella smoker.
You know,
put in one of those little citronella candles,
 light it,
and the smoke wafts through the fish belly and around your legs,
and counteracts the mosquito contingency in the neighborhood.)

Back to the pics.
My back door guests are all the great, late summer insects and wildlife.
There are dragonflies, well, flying.
There are damselflies, also flying.
Flitting butterflies and sulphurs galore.
There are frogs croaking.
The yellow finch have started feeding
in the seeds of the purple echinacea a.k.a purple cone flower.
The cicadas -
well, the cicadas are just chirping up a storm.
And you know what that means.
The cicadas started their noise-making on June 25th.
JUNE 25TH!!!!!!
It was a Friday.
Waaaaay too early!
Make note of that, I did!
That means first frost on Sept 23rd here in central Ohio!

But I digress.
I love this time of year.
If it wasn't Africa-105-degree-at-10-a.m.-in the morning-blazing-hot,
I would be sitting on this porch right now -
checking out my backdoor guests!

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  1. Seems like we've spend more time indoors than out this summer with all the heat and humidity we've had! I jsut hope we have a really nice LONG fall to make up for it!


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