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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

hot & sticky

And it's not just the weather I'm talking about!!!

Yesterday I forgot to wish you
National Smore's Day!!!

OK, I did not eat a smore yesterday...
It was 92 degrees here in central Ohio... and with the high humidity it felt like 105!!!

Do you know how to make a smore?
In a perfect world,
and the best tasting smore, in my opinion,
is made over a wood fire. 
(Yes, you can use the hot coils of your stove burner and a fork, but this is highly dangerous---the marshmallow can catch fire,dripping fire balls all around your kitchen as you try to put it out,  and the fork heats from the tines down through the handle and can cause 2nd degree or more burns to your little fingers!   No, I'm not speaking from experience here, just from common sense!)
Here are the instructions:

  1. get a campfire going with some nice, dry logs & some little kindling you have picked up from around your yard before mowing.  While that is starting, whittle a couple of four foot, fallen branches until one end of each is nice and pointy.
  2. prep your graham cracker by laying two squares out onto a plate or napkin, and topping each square of cracker with chocolate candy bar pieces (I like dark chocolate).
  3. THEN, roast your marshmallow over the nice, hot coals of said campfire (by this time, the fire will have burnt down to nice, roasting embers. (Roast the marshmallow until nice and toasty brown.  You will know when it is ready when it starts to sag off of the roasting stick.)
  4. When ready, put the marshmallow on the prepped graham cracker/chocolate and top with second chocolate/cracker combo. 
  5. Squish the chocolate into the hot, melty marshmallow until the marshmallow starts to ooze out to the sides of the cracker sandwich.
  6. Devour said smore, making sure to lick fingers and thumbs to remove all evidence.  And there will be evidence, that's part of the whole experience.

So, that is not too involved, is it?

The problem with this whole National Smore's Day??????
It feels like it is 105 DEGREES outside!!!
Who wants to make a fire and create more heat when it's this hot?????

So, you tell me,
who, exactly, comes up with making these "National" days???
It just doesn't make any sense...

National Smore's Day should be in October...
when you'd like to sit around an outdoor fire and enjoy the heat it puts off....
Or, when you already have a nice blazing fire going in your wood stove or fireplace in your home.

NOT when it is 105 degrees-Africa-Hot-and-the-humidity-is-so-high-it-is-stifling-and-makes-it-feel-hard-to-breath!!!!!!!!

Again, who makes up these National Holidays???
I'm going to find out.
And, I'm going to start a letter writing campaign!
Are you with me?
Together we can make a difference.
Together we can be hot and sticky!!!

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