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Monday, August 16, 2010

one weekend in August...

So, the weekend was great here in central Ohio-
still blazing hot and humid, but that's Ohio for you in August!
Anyway, Friday evening,
Sweetie and I met up with some friends
at the "World's Biggest Little Fair"
And check out who else was there!:
The Budweiser team was hitched and parading around the fair grounds.
Cool, huh?
Then, Saturday, a friend and I headed
on a driving trek up toward northern Ohio
and visited the Outdoor Quilt Festival in Wellington, Ohio
here are a few pics:
The wagon ride was an extra if you wanted to go out
to see the elk and hear the history of the farm.
In the pic above, this is the original barn with horse stalls.  Some of the inside stalls even had quilts hanging in them.  Aren't the quilts all great?  I liked them all, but the one on the far left above the door, that one inspired me,
 so here's a close-up:
The inspiration was to keep using my one and a half inch square scraps as leaders/enders!
Maybe someday I'll have enough little squares sewn together to make one of these puppies!
These old quilts were hanging inside a barn, maybe a feed room,
but were also a couple of my favorites:
Here's a close-up of the one on the left:
pieced using shirtings and then hand embroidery stitching in red:
Very, very inspiring, isn't it? 
It was a great morning.
Then we headed to a couple of quilt shops
that we had not been to before -
that was just a little dangerous!

Sunday afternoon,
I got to work at the local quilt shop.
The "Wool Crazy" group met. 
We are all still stitching away on our projects;
 I shared some green "army blanket" holly leaves with the group.
We are coming along, slowly, but surely.

Then, to finish the evening, Sweetie and I went to a movie with friends.
Back to work tomorrow at the LQS!
Isn't life great???

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  1. The Budweiser Clydesdales were at our county fair a couple of years ago. It was so cool to see them in person! Glad you enjoyed the quilt show! :0)


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