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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

stitching and time travel

My friend, Sharon, has been busy.
Which in turn, keeps me busy.
She made some baby donation quilts.
She had them all pieced and a couple layered.
She marked them.
She even started stitching on one of them.
Then, you know what happened?
Lack of time.
So, she brought them to me.
To quilt.
Four baby donation quilts are now quilted.
Ready for trimming and binding.

I have the same theme going on in my life -
Not enough time to get everything done that I want to get done.
some of this done,
some of that done.
This waiting for this,
that waiting for that,
Most just waiting for time.

Which makes me think of this:
I watched a documentary on time travel last night.
Well, the subject was really the POSSIBILITY of time travel.
All of these brilliant, scientific minds from around the whole globe,
working on the possibility of time travel - going back in time to finish something.
It comes down to nano-seconds. 
That's like one-trillionth of a second.
[Ok, it's really like a billionth, I think, but I like the sound of trillionth better.
Hey, I didn't say I was one of those brilliant, scientific minds! :) ]
One-trillionth of a second, Back in Time.
At that rate, I still would not have everything done.
But I would still enjoy the stitching!

Here's wishing you an extra trillionth of a second today.
To accomplish something that you have waiting for time...

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