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Monday, August 23, 2010


This is a long way to a point, but here goes:
I was thinking back about all the smiles in my life. 
And this thought came to mind:

A while back I went to see the movie "Julie and Julia" with a friend and her mom.
It you haven't seen it, the movie was a happy, updated version of so many movies put together.
Very enjoyable; anyway, in the movie, Julie is rejoicing that she has her first comment on her blog about cooking her way through Julia's cookbook.  
I smiled along with everyone else at the movie when she rejoiced.

When I had time that night I checked my facebook:  friends are all good and accounted for;
and then I checked my blog:  I had a comment from "Sheila".
Sheila?, who's Sheila?
And then I about danced around the living room.
"Sheila" was my FIRST COMMENT from someone I didn't know!
Just like Julie in the movie, I felt happy.
From a comment.
From someone I didn't know....
Silly, I know, but it made me happy.

I think it's the validity.
No matter age or family position or whatever, we are all a little the same.
We all go stir crazy in some way, looking for connections with our friends and family, whether it be facebook or texting or blogging or phoning or talking over the side fence, or meeting at the park or quilting with friends or cooking with friends or book club.

Our "validity" comes in little pieces in different ways and shapes at all times in our lives.
As women, we are friends, moms, sis's and s-i-l's, aunts, cousins, maybe grandmas; all these other women occasionally feel the same as we do.
We are there for each other - I think THAT is validity.
I think it's ingrained in us from before we can remember-validity.
It's just part of who we are.
Validity is happy children raised in a happy, blessed home.
Validity is normal parents who are working their hardest to raise children that appreciate and are thankful for all the blessings in their lives.
Validity may not be exactly the right word, but I think you understand. 
Anyway, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment occasionally...(that's another smile in my life).
Thanks for being wonderful people, wonderful friends, wonderful family, for being a part of my little piece of the world.
Its a wonderful life, blog comments or not!

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  1. You are so cute. If I remember, you told me I had too much time on my hands because my Google Reader had categories of quilt blogs. LOL!


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