Lucy Boston

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

it is a state of mind

time off......
what exactly does that mean?
You know, time off from the regularly scheduled stuff....
stuff like laundry, shopping, cooking, making the HandiQuilter hum, work at the LQS.

I like all of the regularly scheduled stuff......
even the laundry!  (You just have to twist my arm to make me say I like laundry!)

Really, I do like all of that stuff!
I feel that I am blessed to have clothes to wash, and money to buy food. 
Even though I earn part of my living by quilting other's quilt tops? I still find that enjoyable - not work at all.  And ditto for the hours at the LQS.  I get to see other quilters' works in progress, help them choose fabrics, and visit and hear about their families and share with them.

So, my recent plan for four days off?????
Well, I have a new book to read :
(Sherry Hartzler's new              "Island Passage"; more on that later),
and my block of the week for this past week,

I have a stack of blue and white fabrics and a quilt pattern,

some floss and a hoop
(yes, from the looks of this picture and the quantity of floss that I have,
it looks like I need professional help),

All this  is the "stuff" that I would do at home, anyway,
sitting in my usual lazy-girl chair...

But the plan is this:
I am just doing all of this "regularly scheduled stuff" in another place.
A place with a lake... :)
with some like-minded girl friends... :)

That is my time off -
doing all of the regular stuff in a different location...
a.k.a.: vacation

It is a state of mind!