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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's a wonderful life

Busy, but wonderful!!!
Back from my 4 day island trip,
so back to reality!!!

1:  I worked all day Thursday at the LQS,
2:  I cooked and baked all day Friday,
3:  I partied all day Saturday
4: and I partied all day Sunday.
(there were massive amounts of cleaning and prep for number 2, 3, and 4, but I'm skipping that part and just going with the partying!)

Number explanation:
#1: self-explanatory - fun, fun-fun!
#2: this picture - cake for 120 people! 
[also, potatoes for that many, but boring pic :) ]

And since there is no point of reference,
this measures 22 inches by 30 inches...
(I am sick of just the smell of icing!)
But, the above picture leads into the
parting explanation of #3...
Below is one of my brother-in-laws making the
party parking sign for
his Dad's 80th birthday surprise party...
As part of the surprise, we hosted a square dance. 
The pic below shows a walk-through for square-dancing-newbies
before the music starts. 
(That's my in-laws centered.) 
 Yep, 80 year olds can still shake their feet!!! 
(And, yes, helping with a party for 125+ people makes you tired,
but not too tired to square dance!)

Then on to Sunday:
All the tents and tables, soda machine, snow-cone machine, and etc, etc, etc,
come home from B-I-L's and get set up for the

#4 Party....
Sweeties' work party here at our house on Sunday afternoon -
so more cooking, cleaning and set up/tear down.
Just under fifty people, so piece of cake  (no, no more cake!!!! hehe).

I might need another vacation!!!!
But, still a wonderful life!!!!

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