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Friday, June 3, 2011

the chickens, the cow & a drive to New York

My brother - aka: the father of the bride,
he has been doing a great job with his
"chore-list for the wedding".

He got about half of the 100 chickens butchered last weekend,
and that allowed me to get 40 plus pounds of breast meat cooked and picked, chopped, seasoned and frozen for wedding food...

My brother - aka: father of the bride - he also called to tell me that another "chore on the list" - the cow?  Well, it was back from the butcher and in the freezer - so this weekend I'll be cooking up some beef, too, for the wedding reception. 

My brother - aka: the father of the bride -
the guy known for his country living
and if two tractors go past his house a day

Well this week he was totally out of his comfort zone,
as he drove his second daughter
up to New York
to help her find an apartment for grad school...
that's probably over the top for him. 

Now, to address the
one and a half pounds of lettuce seed
that my brother - aka: father of the bride planted for the wedding food...

I think I may give him the weekend to re-coup...

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