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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

meandering & good bye to another month

I feel like this whole month has gone soooo quickly...
June is almost gone -
and I'm reminded of this by Sweetie,
 as his birthday is the last of the month.
At what age do "boys"
not get so excited
about an upcoming birthday?
I kinda' thought it might calm down just a little
after the half decade mark!

I did do a little more meandering this past week...

I worked on this beauty for Louise.
It is so very summer-y looking, isn't it?
It was great to quilt something this bright and sunny
 after a total of eight days in a row of rain and showers!
Louise is the gal that makes up her own quilt designs as she goes along -
and she's not afraid of color, in case you couldn't tell!
She also pieces the backing and it's just as beautiful as the front.
Unfortunately, I didn't get a pic of the back
(My camera has been acting up just a little,
so the "pic" of the back is a "video" with nothing recorded -
or it could be me and my operation of said camera, not the camera at all!).

Happy end of the month already!

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