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Thursday, June 30, 2011

end of June/end of giveaway

As the clock ticks down the last minutes of June (already!!)
I'll end my scissor giveaway...

You have until midnight tonight to leave a comment
about your fav scissor or scissors.
What attributes do you like when you are looking for a new pair? 
Or, which of your scissors is the go-to for a specific project, and why?

This is the giveaway pair:
I've taken a "sister" pair of these Tooltrons 
and put beside my lazy-girl chair
and used them this past week...

and the test was good...
at first, I thought, "oh, no",
as the blades were kind of "grindy".
Grindy is bad...
Then, a couple of empty "snip-snips" and all was well!
And I love them with my hand stitching!

I have worked on a couple of "redwork" pieces
every evening this past week and I really love these little gems!
I have been stitching single thread DMC on cotton,
and also working with single strand Valdani with wool on osnaburg...
I like the serrated blade as it grips the thread- not bends and mauls as it is being cut,
the handles/loops are easy to grab,
and the slightly curved tips are curved "just right" as not to cut into the fabric easily, just enough to lift and cut the threads.

Thanks, gals, for stopping by and letting me know your scissor wants and needs.
I now have a couple of kinds of scissors that I need to try!

It was also good to see
that I am not the only person
that I know
that has major scissor hoarding issues!

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