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Saturday, June 4, 2011

another meandering & dog ears

First up,
a pic of a quilt that I quilted before Easter:
It's a great flower basket quilt -
a flower of the month, but in baskets! 
Anonymous said she wanted to use up some scraps recently,
and found this pattern in a very old quilt magazine
that she had saved and book-marked!

I love when that happens! -
using a saved and book-marked project!

Not that it happens much with me...
actually doing a project that I've saved from years ago.
I flip through magazines looking for projects that I just have to do someday...

and I don't book-mark, I DOG-EAR...

dog-ear the pages of projects that I just love.
(not only do I fold down those dog-ear corners,
I w-r-i-t-e on my patterns and books!
eegads! you read that right! 
I write on my patterns and books!!!)

Then the next week
and the next, next week,
and the next, next, next week I do the same dog-earing.
And that just puts waaaay too many things on my want-to-do-list.
I'll never live long enough!

Maybe that will be my
project this year...
learn how to
fit in a couple of the projects
from my want-to-do,
dog-eared, written on list!

Back to meandering in threads...
Happy Stitching to you!

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  1. I use post-it flags to mark projects I want to do. I DO write on my patterns. Sometimes instructions are left out that I need, or, I decide to do it differently. We DID pay for the patterns, so, why not mark them up?


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