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Monday, June 20, 2011

month two of five: Vintage Trick or Treat

Month TWO is here!
in the second installment of the stitch-along of
Vintage Trick or Treat by Crabapple Hill ...
a class that I'm leading at the lqs.
This month's assignment piece was
the banner that runs along the top of the quilt:
It was a quick and easy piece to stitch -
not a whole lot of stitching,
and the stitching that was there was not a solid fill stitch.

Also included in this month's assignment:
finish up your nine-patch blocks...
press toward the dark in your strip piecing,
then spiral or pinwheel the seams open on the back when
pressing the nine-patches
(spiral seam example on bottom left):
The pattern suggested cutting out 200+
1 1/2 inch squares then piece them into 9-patches.
I recommended the strip piecing method...
using only a quarter WOF strip...
not quite as scrappy looking when finished,
but also not as daunting to those newer quilters.

I shared before that I was going to change up my colors
from the pattern recommendations.
You can tell from these pics that I'm living on the darker side :)
And I like it - I like it a lot!!!

Here's the finished center:
Next months' assignments: 
  • Trace and stitch the two small blocks from the right side of the pattern: Squiggle Mouth & Scaredy Cat
  • finish up any remaining nine patches
  • piece together the four pin wheel blocks that are needed for the corners of the quilt
  • go ahead and put together the four "corner blocks", using your remaining nine-patches and the pin-wheel blocks you just made
  • get your tracing done for The Gang's All Here block
Happy Stitching!!!

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