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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

a whole lot of everything

Thanks to all who have checked in on me as I haven't posted much lately.

Time has been flying...

Niece's wedding is this weekend...
I have the fifty pounds of chicken cooked, picked, cut, seasoned & frozen.
As is the bigger half of the fifty pounds of beef.
The second half of the beef is cooking away right now.
Orders have been made for other food items, pick-up Friday or Saturday a.m.
I still have to make the icing for the cupcakes,
but the powdered sugar is waiting on the counter...
There are piles EVERYWHERE:
Soft taco shells and more seasoning.
We are gathering decorations for the tables 
from around the family barns and houses -
making it feel real "down-home" with crocks, scales, bowls and jars -
(this is some of what I've gathered from around my house)
planning on filling them with florist and wild flowers and votive candles.  It should be really pretty with a country feel, exactly as the bride-to-be lives.

Now, on to non-wedding stuff:
One of my favorite aunts has passed.  (Really, all my Aunts are favorites, and there are a whole lot of them).  So calling hours are today, funeral tomorrow.  I will really miss her, but so glad she is no longer in pain.  She had crippling arthritis, but it didn't stop her from quilting!

Next, I think I have caught
the first summer cold of the season
and feel bad -
and not the "good" bad, either.
So....I am wearing a mask as I am cooking...
isn't that just an image
you can now have burned into your brain!-
the masked wedding cook!

I have a very large quilt on the machine
and meandering is going. 
It has a whole lot of stop and start places - which are done. 
As is the border. 
Now to go back in and meander around all of the snowballs.

And, the weather is still confused around here -
for some reason, it thinks it's August - 100+ degrees today,
and the heat index is dangerously high. 
I really appreciate the air conditioning today,
with all this prep work going on.

My favorite daughter
is coming in to town this weekend,
so going to the airport soon to get her. 
It's been quite a while since I have hugged her,
and I can hardly wait... 
 (and, yes, I only have one daughter, so I can call her my fav!)

I'm off to have a great weekend, summer cold and all.

Hope your week and weekend are filled with summer bliss!

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