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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I think we have just totally missed Spring
We here in central Ohio
have gone from COLD and r-a-i-n-y
to blazing hot and allergies! 
Allergies from all of the trees blooming...
mostly, the cottonwood tree has bloomed.

If you have never seen the cottonwood tree in bloom,
I can tell you it looks like it's snowing!
It's quarter-sized pieces of cotton-like fluff
that catch the breeze and float around
like the down of a milkweed or dandelion.
Pretty amazing,
but, it looks like snow!!!
Snow on Memorial Day!
After visiting the largest
Memorial Day Parade in central Ohio on Monday,
we had a gathering at our place
& played some
volleyball in the snow.
Hey, we like to play volleyball,
no matter if the temp is 98 degrees
 & humidity is almost that high.
We just played a little less and took more water breaks...
the "snow" of the cottonwood tree
stuck to us as we played -
it was really quite interesting.
Here's a pic of the "snow" on the pool water:
and this was after we skimmed!

Enough of that snow stuff,
I'm ready for some summer quilting...
here's one that I quilted for Joell:
I'm thinking she is the most prolific quilter that I know.
This was a mystery night pattern, so I don't know the name,
but, I think it looks like it's covered in blazing suns!,
& another cute one, for sure!
So very summer-y, don't you think?
Very fitting for this weather that has come along!

Happy Stitching!

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