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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Wedding prep makes me tired!
Saturday morning was the pre-set time:
Any decor, table vingnettes, drink stations, food buffet chaffing dishes and ice bowls, etc, etc, etc.
So, here are some Saturday morning pictures after set-up....
the bridal party table:
this wall behind the table was brown with white outlet covers that jumped out in every picture (see pics below) so we had to FIX it - I don't know how many white sheets and yards of tulle were used, but it sure turned out great!

 The cupcake tower 
with the cutting cake & freezer cake on top
(buffet line behind gazebo):
My favorite daughter made all of the icing Friday and then iced the cupcakes Saturday a.m.!
I had baked and iced the cakes, but decorated them there:
(you can see the drink table in the background- water, lemonade and iced tea in old-fashioned spigot-jugs, and drink glasses were mason jars with elastic-banded-tags so you could tag your glass for the evening.)

While favorite daughter was making the icing, I was Cookin'!  Literally!
All of the meats that I had pre-prepped were heating, and I still had to cook the lime-cilantro rice and black bean dishes; plus, get all of the stuff- food and decor- into the trailer and truck and car and get it all over to the reception hall aka: the 4-H building at the "biggest little fair in the world".
The taco buffet and half of the dining space with the dance floor/d.j. area not yet set:
The second trip over in the afternoon was to take all of the food. 
We (Sweetie, Fav daughter and myself) 
got it all set/plugged/stirred/refrigerated/iced
and hurried back home.
(we had 19 minutes to shower
& change into our wedding finery!)
A great friend sat with the food to make sure that none of the electrical breakers popped while we went to the wedding.
The wedding was wonderful! 
The bride was beautiful! and I have a new nephew-in-law!

I made enough food to feed almost 250 people.
I had some really GREAT help and couldn't have done it without them.

FYI:  80 cups of chopped chicken & 110 cups of crumbled beef
is just about right for a hungry crowd of 250.

FYI:  folks today eat more soft tacos than hard tacos.
AND clean-up makes me really tired!
There are still things to put away... and
I occasionally still find something to wash! :)

I need to rest up -
the National Quilting Association annual quilt show
is in town this weekend!!!


  1. Take a good rest, then, go to the quilt show this weekend. You've earned it. There is a quit show in my area this weekend, too. I plan on taking 3 quilts to show.

  2. Hi Cheryl,
    No rest for the busy here :). And I hope to take the time for the show...we'll see how I get going on the quilting now.
    Great for you in taking quilts to the show! Let us know how you did!


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