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Saturday, June 25, 2011

THE scissors question/giveaway

Yesterday I asked what your
favorite pair of hand work scissors were...
and I'm still looking for more input on that, please...

I have a
couple of pairs
few pairs
OK, many pairs
of small scissors
that go into my travel bag or project bag,
and then there's a pair beside my lazy girl chair
for my nightly stitching routine.
Oh, and the snips for thread at my sewing machine.
(none of these are any of my paper scissors)
OK, I may be a scissor, collector!
left to right:
  1. generic snips with curved tip
  2. Havel's curved tip
  3. little Ginghers with serrated blades (with the wrong sheath beside them)
  4. bigger Ginghers with serrated blades and large loop finger holes
#1  I use the snips at my machine; they cut threads only - and they travel in the machine to retreats.
#2  usually these are beside my lazy-girl chair - their bent tip blades poke holes in my project bags, so they don't travel well.
#3  I like love the serrated blades, but this shorter blade doesn't do well with cutting my wool shapes.
#4  These are probably my fav, because of the ease of grabbing and getting my fingers into the larger loop-hole handles. The blade serrations cut through my wool shapes, all the way down to the tip.  But, they are the most expensive, so I only have the one pair and am continually moving them from one project to another.

So, my scissor review before your input:
A:  I really like the serrated blade scissors the best.
B:   I like the large loop handles for ease of grabbing.
C:  Maybe I need to dedicate a specific pair of scissors just to my wool cutting.

I did just order these little Tooltron beauts:
Arrow point.
Large Loops.
Gold Handles.
Slightly curved tip.
Micro serrated blades. 3-1/2in total length.
And the price is right.

Yep, scissor whore... Oh, yeah, scissor collector...

Soooo, to help celebrate my new-found attribute :)
I'm going to help get you started with your own scissor collection! -
Leave me a comment about 
your scissor preference
and I'll put you in a drawing for
a pair of the Tooltron scissors.
aka: the little beauts.

Happy stitching!


  1. I'm not as an accomplished stitcher as you are and don't own as many scissors, but right now my favorite is the small Fiscars titanium blade with a spring to open them up after every cut. I especially like this attribute for cutting small applique pieces. They have s a very sharp point too.

  2. By far my favorite scissors are Dovo. They stay sharp super fine tip for small snips. Mine are small for stitching and trimming. They are awesome. I own several brands but these are my favs. Laura Clever

  3. I have a pair of Gingher curved tips and really like them but after looking through my scissors I sure hope that when I die my family goes through them before my husband sees how many I have been hoarding too!

  4. I like different scissors for different projects. For hand quilting, and keeping by my machine to cut threads only, I use blunt tip Fiskers school scissors. I have about a dozen of them in different project bags (am I a scissor whore, too?). I like my Gingher scissors to cut fabric.

  5. My favorite sciossors are my gingers both the large and small ones! I must say I like the finger holes to be extra big because my chubby fingers fit better that way!

  6. I have never seen these scissors. That look really clever and super sharp. I try to keep a pair of snips or scissors with each project. Makes it so much easier to grab/go! Thank you for sharing.


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