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Sunday, July 3, 2011

better late...the scissor giveaway!

a Winner of the great scissor debate...
has been chosen!

This scissor giveaway came about
because of the problem issue I have...
aka the scissor hoard on my part...

I am always looking for a great pair of scissors when I am in my lazy-girl stitching chair and "watching TV".
I am looking for a pair that are easy to grab,
stay sharp and don't maul the threads and wools,
and can also be dropped into a project bag last minute...

Thanks to everyone that left me a comment here and by email!  (There are quite a few new-to-me followers and anonymous folks lately, and I really appreciate you all!)
After reading all of these comments I've decided that there are as many favorites as there are brands of scissors!

So, theWINNER of the scissor give-away is:

Anonymous said...
By far my favorite scissors are Dovo.
They stay sharp super fine tip for small snips.
Mine are small for stitching and trimming.
They are awesome.
 I own several brands but these are my favs.
Laura Clever

Congratulations, Laura!
Send me an email*,
 and I'll get this pair of
Tooltron scissors into the mail on Tuesday!

(If I don't hear back from Laura by Friday, July 8th, I'll do another random drawing)

So, after all of that great info about scissors,
I'm thinking that I need to go try out a few more brands of scissors!

Do you think that's a problem?!? :)

Happy Stitching, everyone!

*my email is listed under:  view my complete profile

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