Lucy Boston

Sunday, July 24, 2011

the story of a baby quilt

A friend,
who is NOT a quilter,
found out she was going to be a grandma...
she found,
that like many others before her,
that she wanted to make a quilt
for her soon to be grand baby...
She asked me to help.
Her daughter had a picture
of something she really, really liked but was no longer available.
The friend asked if I, the quilter,
could help her, the non-quilter, 
make something similar...
After some quick sketches and some paper cut-outs,
a trip or two to the local quilt shop,
a couple of lessons on
HAND needle-turn applique & some embroidery stitches, 
she was hooked!

Many, many, many hours and sore fingers later,
"the new grandbaby quilt"
for the non-quilter became a reality...
She also made the two-sideded crib bumpers -
complete with these same hand appliques 
and double-boxed, piped & corded edges. 
Oh, she also made the crib skirt with boxed pleats.
And, I got to quilt the beautiful creation!

Grandma flew to Florida for the shower,
binding all the way there, I'm told.
More than impressive, isn't it? 

the things you can do
if you think you can!


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