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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Smokin' !!!

Wait, NOT me! 
It IS smokin' hot outside!!!!
Waaaay too hot. 
When it's 100 degrees without the heat index?
Multiple days weeks in a row?
Add unsafe air-quality to that, and forget it!
Asthma and poor air-quality do NOT go together well!
Makes me feel very unproductive.

Wait.  Yep, I am unproductive!

So, I found something less taxing than pulling weeds and prepping for parties...
A quick read that seems appropriate for the weather:
If you've missed the whole series of
"numbers" from Janet Evanovich,
well, what can I say. 
Laugh out loud funny is the first that comes to mind.
Just a little on the raunchy side, but not too much so.
Hilarious beats out the little raunch in my opinion.

One of her first books in the series I was reading in an airport,
then on the plane,
and seriously, I was laughing out loud. 
I had tears in my eyes. 
People were concerned,
or thinking I had serious issues,
and moved away from me. 
Others evidently had read Evanovich before
and smiled or laughed with me, as they KNEW.
Anyway, Smokin' Seventeen is a quick read
(and, a little better than the last two have been).
and the
laughs are worth the avoidance
if you are reading in public!

Back to the Smokin' Hot:
when it's
hot enough to keep caramel soft:
you just have to make some turtle brownies...
So I did.  With a side of ice cream, of course.
And I shared with the Friday night volleyball friends.
Not that we played much volleyball.
It has rained monsoons for most of the Friday nights this summer.
Which then adds to the humidity and poor air-quality.
But this past Friday it rained monsoons in the early afternoon,
so we gathered
to pretend we played volleyball on Friday nights.
Mostly we sweated. 
And, we ate melty-caramel topped brownies.

(I have stitched a little this past week, but that's for another day)
Happy Summer Stitching!

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