Lucy Boston

Thursday, July 14, 2011


tonight is the full moon of July,
called the "full Hay moon" -
least that's what my great-grandma B called it. 
She said it was because there was a full moon
we were finished putting up the hay.

So, I did a little research, and by-gum, she was right!

July's full moon is known as
the Full Hay Moon!
It's also known as the Full Buck Moon -
because this is the time when male deer's antlers start budding out.
July's full moon is also known as the Full Thunder Moon - as this is the month with the most thunder.

So, I guess, take your pick -
Hay, Antler or Thunder...
it's full moon night in July -

and I'm going outside tonight
to enjoy the Full Hay Moon tonight!

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